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Google Chrome Update 2020

How to download and install Google Chrome 2020 APK  - How to download and install Google Chrome 2020 APK - This is an alternative procedure for installing a browser on a cellphone without access to the Google Play Store.



Google Chrome 2020 APK

Downloading Chrome  2020APK is an option to install the Google browser on phones that don't have Play Store access. To perform this procedure, an alternative download source is needed because the manufacturer does not make the browser available outside the app store.


In the following steps, here's how to download and install Chrome APK on Android. It should be noted that, although the  site is well known and reliable, the procedure is not without risk. It is recommended that you install an antivirus on your smartphone to maintain the security of your data.


Step 1. Open Android settings and open the "Security" page. Then activate the application installation from an unknown source. For more details, see this tip. Remember to disable this option after installation.


Step 2. Visit the Chrome 2020 APK download page . Scroll to "All versions" and select the version you want to download. Tap the arrow icon on the right, then tap the version number. Please note in the "Version" column if the application is compatible with Android installed on your mobile.


Step 3. Select "Download the APK" and if necessary confirm that you want to save the application to your mobile by tapping "OK".


Step 4. When you have finished downloading, open the Android Downloads folder and tap the Chrome APK file to open it.


Step 5. Tap "Install" and finally "Open" to launch the browser.


These tips allow you to download the Chrome APK file and use the browser on your Android phone or tablet.


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